Where are we now? There’s the 1 second of the 24 hours that the universe has existed that human history is a part of. I went to my astronomy 101 class for one day in college before switching to a more internet-based course (anthropology), and that was what I learned. The professor showed the creation of the universe until today in a 24 hour span and human beings only came around at 11:59:59.

I understand we’re still in that 1 second but I know we’re also somewhere in the second day. Possibly it just feels that way.

I am tired in an effluent way.

I saw on a newspaper cover the headline “Chopped into 200 pieces” with the picture of a young african american female. When I saw that headline I was in a situation with a young man that was frightening because he had no concept of boundaries. I did not feel unsafe and felt I could handle the situation, but that newspaper headline proffered fear when what I needed was anything but that.

I’ve been consistently making the same mistake for the past 2 years and I know that you (universal you) will make the same mistake until you fix the thing you’re doing wrong (Groundhog Day style).

There was a bug on my bed, I flicked it off and felt bad. I looked down again it was there again. I no longer feel bad for this bug, it is somehow superior to me. How do bugs stay out of our orifices? Do they stay out of our orifices?



A scene during rush hour recently in nyc.

Anonymous Hey! (: I see you work at American Apparel. I went to an open call once but I guess they weren't impressed because they never called me back :( I have another interview & I really wanna get the job this time! :( Any tips on what I should wear or what I should say during the interview? Is it trying to hard to wear head to toe AA?

I used to work there! Now I just have stock!
Copy what the kids on the sales floor wear or the window mannequins.

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