We are coming to a crosshatch of ever more complexity- the ones we thought would be there through the ones who actually ended up being there. A tribune of mild surprise. A strengthening of lesser powers. A mindless foray into endless sleep and dark. A catapultization of magistries. It’s okay, none of these are real words but they mean something in laymen’s terms. A laser focus to get you over the hump. A strange mission- should you choose to accept it- can you hear that baby? That is the sound of those left behind. Of those unaware of where they’re being left behind and of yourself being left ahead. Silently peace the day away and cut all those loose ends. The ends of discomfort and the latest approach to sanity. I am whole and all is within me so I am okay with what you can’t give me because I have received that which you could give already. I always have and always will. Will never be in waiting. Will never be at a loss. The completeness will remain and it never stopped remaining. Those whose eyes and minds I longed for, maybe briefly had and then lost. I think about them always. Individually, they were individuals. My broken heart learns to adjust its pieces accordingly to how many of them are responsible for the pieces it can count 1 piece for you. This piece came off because of human 57 but he was responsible for an unusually large amount of pieces. Even though you didn’t cause any breakage, you still get a piece. It’s like that and it’s endless.


Other cures for female hysteria included bed rest, bland food, seclusion, refraining from mentally taxing tasks (for example, reading) and sensory deprivation.

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you can’t play me that way. 

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